104 E Prairie St, Decatur, IL 62523 PHONE: (217) 475-1111

About Us


The Real Story

If coming to Coney’s feels like a trip to Grandma’s – maybe that’s because it really is! 

While the Coney McKane’s name has only been around since 2006 – we’ve been serving Mom’s – “The Flo’s” – legendary creations since 1997. 

Mom’s style and creations evolved from her childhood on a southern Illinois farm. As an adult in the “Big City”, Decatur, she first shared her heart-warming meals, her country gravies, and her knack for the perfect pie crusts and cakes with the rest of the world at the Lucas Grill, housed in Pershing Bowl. (Yes, she remembers all of  you too!)

Her experience was the perfect training ground for what was to come. She “retired” at the age of 62 – the same year my oldest daughter, Kristin, graduated from college.  With Kristin’s youth and enthusiasm (and business degree), I saw the perfect storm. I convinced both of them that you are never too young or too old to take a chance on a great idea.
And, as they say: The rest is history.

Originally called ‘The Bakery Coffee House Cafe’, we opened and outgrew our first shop in just six months. After occupying two other locations on the way to our current home, we expanded our menus and brought more family members on board.

In 2002, we purchased and moved into what we affectionately call “The Old Side” at 104 E. Prairie, the former home of a by-gone Decatur gem, Creighton’s Jewelry Store.   In July of 2015, my husband and master carpenter, Doug, transformed the space formerly occupied by Jimmy John’s into a beautiful and warm addition, in true Coney’s style.

Through the years, we have evolved from a small walk-in shop to a full-service restaurant that seats 100.  We’ve grown from having just three family members participating in the operation to having over twenty family members work not only in customer service, but behind the scenes as well. Today, our group consists of relatives and a few others that haven’t been with us since their birth – but we’re not sure which ones they are!

We’ve grown. We’ve evolved. Heck, we’ve even moved our front door!
But one thing will never change: Our desire to make all of our guests feel like they are coming home for a meal.

– See you around the table!